3D design


Client Private
Year 2020
Type 3D design
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Back at the university I have learned to work with SolidWorks and Keyshot software. Which now, after several years, enabled me to bring this project to life.

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It is great to take a project which reminds you the specific graphic design software technical features and helps to analyze engineering design needs which at the end becomes the aesthetic representation of the graphic design.

The essence of this particular project was to play with existing furniture by creating its 3D designs. I also tried to convey the already existing contrast between the furniture by using different typographic elements in the graphic part. Finally, in contrast to each other, the furniture was balanced and combined into a whole.
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For furniture design I used SolidWords software. To create 3D renders - KeyShot software and Adobe Photoshop to be done with the graphic part of the project.